August 4, 2021

How to Take the Perfect Dab

How to Take the Perfect Dab Every Time

Taking dabs is a great way to consume cannabis products. It’s quick, efficient, tasty, and packs a punch! Taking dabs is a sort of ritual that is personal and unique to everyone. Learning how to take the perfect dab can be a daunting task though. Which tools you use, how you store and clean the tools, how you heat the dab nail, and what temperature you dab at are all aspects of dabbing that you will develop a personal touch for over time.

Learning How to Take the Perfect Dab

What You’ll Need To Take Perfect Dabs:

how to take the perfect dab
How to Take the Perfect Dab by Aisle 710

High-Quality Dabs

To begin, let’s go over the tools you will need to take those sweet, sweet dabs. First, you need dabs! There are many types of dabs you can choose from. Shatter, crumble, sauce,  and diamonds are popular BHO products (Butane Hash Oil). Flower rosin, hash rosin, and melt are popular SHO products (Solventless Hash Oil). To handle your dabs, you will need a dab tool. These are like dentist tools.

Quartz Banger & Butane Torch

Dabs are vaporized inside a dab nail, most commonly Quartz Bangers, but you can also use titanium and ceramic nails. We suggest using a quartz nail over titanium, ceramic, or glass. Quartz holds heat the best and gets the best flavor from the dabs. American-made quartz is a must if you want to have the best experience. China-made quartz bangers do not hold heat nearly as well as American-mande ones. Compared to China-made, American-made quartz produces superior flavor from the dab. To heat the dab nail, you can either use a butane torch like the Blazer Big Shot, a propane torch from your local hardware store, or an electronic heating element known as an e-nail (electronic nail).

Temperature Reader

The temperature that you dab at is extremely important. Too hot and you risk burning the dab. The flavor will not be pleasant and it will be harsh on your lungs. Too cold and you won’t vaporize the full dab. The sweet spot right in the middle, about 400-600F. These temperatures will allow you to vaporize the full dab while retaining the flavor. Many people time the cool down to dial in the perfect dabbing temperature (about 45 seconds - 1 minute and 15 seconds usually). A more accurate way is to use a thermometer, like the Dab Rite, to measure temperature.

Carb Cap & Terp Pearls

A carb cap is necessary for the perfect dab. The cap should have a tight fit to create an airtight seal. This keeps the heat inside the banger to fully vaporize your dabs. Carb caps with directional airflow are superior because they help agitate the dab inside the dab nail, spreading it out on the heated walls to more efficiently vaporize the dab. To further agitate the dabs inside the nail, terp pearls can be used. When used with a directional airflow carb cap, the terp pearls will spin inside the dab nail, spreading the dab out along the heated walls of the nail. 

Cotton Swabs & Rubbing Alcohol

Post-dab, you will want to keep your tools clean. The highest level of function comes from clean accessories and you get the most flavor from your dabs. The accessories will also last longer which saves you money! Cleaning is easiest with a few cotton swabs and some rubbing alcohol.

How to Take the Perfect Dab Tools Summary:

  • High-quality dabs (obviously)
  • Dab tool (like a dentist tool)
  • Dab nail - Quartz Banger is preferred
  • Torch or electronic nail (e-nail)
  • Thermometer or stopwatch
  • Carb cap - preferably one with directional airflow
  • Terp pearls (optional, but definitely makes a difference)
  • Cotton swabs 
  • Rubbing alcohol - 91%+ is preferred

Step-by-Step Guide to on How to Take the Perfect Dab

how to dab
How to Dab by Aisle 710

Traditional Dabs

Step 1: Make sure you have everything ready to go. Dabs should be close by, dab tool available, carb cap within reach, torch on hand, and banger in your rig. If you have any terp pearls or other banger accessories, place them inside the banger.

Step 2: Heat the dab nail using your torch (or electronic nail). Try to get an even heat on both the bottom of the banger and the walls. Heat for about 30-45 seconds or until the baner begins to glow red.

Step 3: Directly after heating the nail, it is too hot to dab on. It is best to wait until the banger is between 400-600F. You can either time the cool down (about 45 seconds to 1 minute and 15 seconds), or use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Higher temperature dabs will produce a thicker smoke, but you may sacrifice some flavor. Lower temperature dabs will be filled with flavor (assuming you have quality dabs), but it may require a reheat if the whole dab is not vaporized.

Step 4: Once the banger has cooled to 400-600F, use your dab tool to scoop up a dab and place it inside the banger. Then place the carb cap onto the banger to create a seal. 

Step 5: Inhale! Enjoy the dab!

Sept 6: Clean your dab nail after the dab using cotton swabs to soak up any residue. Once the dab nail has cooled off a bit, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to further soak up any residue with a cotton swab.

Cold-Start Dabbing

Step 1: Use your dab tool to scoop up a dab and place it inside the cold banger. 

Step 2: If you have any terp pearls or other banger accessories, place them inside the banger now. 

Step 3: Place the carb cap onto the banger.

Step 4: Using your butane torch, begin to heat the bottom of side walls of the banger. You want the temperature to reach 400-600F without exceeding that. Any hotter and you risk burning the dabs and ruining the flavor. Any colder and the dab will not fully vaporize. Usually this takes about 7-15 seconds. It is better to begin at a low temperature and retreat if needed than it is to dab at too hot a temperature. 

Step 5: Enjoy your dab!

Step 6: Keep your nail and other tools cleaning using a cotton swab to soak up remaining residue. Rubbing alcohol can be used to assist once the dab nail has cooled off a bit. 

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