June 7, 2021

How to Use a Blazer Big Shot Torch

The Blazer Big Shot Torch

The Blazer Big Shot butane torch is the last torch you will ever have to purchase. It is easy to use, refillable, and efficient. The flame is wind-resistant and adjustable, and you can hold the torch in any which way so you can heat your banger just right. This article will cover how to use your Blazer Big Shot torch, how to fill a butane torch, how to determine when it is filled, and we will troubleshoot why your torch may not be working properly.

How to Fill a Butane Torch

To begin using your Blazer Big Shot torch, it first needs to be filled with butane. To fill the torch, first make sure it is completely empty by turning the adjustment knob to the left and letting the remaining butane flow out of the torch. When the “hissing” sounds stop, the torch is completely empty.

how to use a blazer big shot torch
How to use a Blazer Big Shot Torch

Once completely empty, turn the adjustment knob all the way back right to close it. Then, flip the torch upside down and locate the gas inlet valve. Shake your butane canister for about 5 seconds to warm it up. Now, insert the vertical cylindrical nozzle of the butane canister into the torch’s gas inlet valve.

Press down firmly to let the butane flow from the butane canister into the torch. You should hear a slight “hissing” noise.

How Do You Know When the Torch is Filled?

The torch should take about 20 seconds to fill. When the butane begins to sputter and splash that means it is not flowering into the torch because the torch is filled up. Let the torch sit for at least 1 minute before use. This will let the butane evenly settle inside of the torch.

How to Use a Blazer Big Shot Torch

The first step is making sure the torch has sufficient butane in there. Once filled, you can begin to use the torch to heat your banger. Turn the knob located on the back of the torch ¼ turn to the left to let the butane begin to flow.

Gas Knob Blazer Big Shot Torch
Gas Knob Blazer Big Shot Torch

Next, press the ignition trigger. With the flame lit, you can use the adjustment knob to increase or decrease the flame intensity. Turning to the left will increase the flame and the right will decrease the flame.

ignition trigger blazer big shot torch
ignition trigger blazer big shot torch

The dark blue tip of the flame is the hottest part. Try to use this part of the flame as it will heat the banger more efficiently. You can hold the torch in any which way. Upside down, on its side, or right side up. Evenly heat the banger on all sides for about 30 seconds. Never aim the flame at any part of your body or face. The metal casing of the torch WILL BE HOT. Do not touch the metal after using the torch.

blazer big shot torch flame
Blazer Big Shot Torch Flame

Once the banger is heated up, turn the adjustment knob all the way right to extinguish the flame.

Why is my Butane Torch Not Working?

If you find that your Blazer Big Shot torch is not working, first check there is enough butane in there. You can check by holding down the ignition trigger and listening for the “hissing” sound of butane exiting the torch. If you do not hear anything, try filling the torch with butane.

If filling the torch with butane does not work, the torch may be clogged at the burner. Clean the area with a blast of compressed air.

Blazer Big Shot Torch Barrell

Other issues could be mechanical. It is possible the flint needs replacing. You can contact the store you bought the torch from and they should be able to help with a fix or replacement.

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