March 2, 2021

How to Use the Dab Rite Digital Thermometer

The Dab Rite

How-to Guide and Review

The Dab Rite uses an infrared temperature sensor to accurately measure the temperature of your banger. Instead of timing the cool down or using your palm to try and gauge the temperature, The Dab Rite does the work and will give you the perfect temp dab every single time. The easily customizable programming and accurate temperature readings make The Dab Rite an essential tool for your dab sesh.

how to use the dab rite digital thermometer
How to Use the Dab Rite Digital Thermometer by Aisle 710

What is The Dab Rite

The Dab Rite is an infrared (IR) thermometer made with the cannabis connoisseur in mind. When dabbing cannabis concentrates, the temperature of your banger (dab nail) is incredibly important. Too hot and you are burning the cannabinoid and terpenes, creating a harsh experience for your throat. Too low and you may find yourself wasting some of the dab or having to reheat the banger.

Many dabbers time the cool down of their banger after heating it up. For example, Mayoral Quartz bangers typically require a one minute and fifteen second cool down to reach a proper dabbing temperature. Using the palm of your hand as a temperature gauge is another popular technique. 

The Dab Rite precisely measures the temperature of your banger, eliminating the guesswork of the palm technique or timing the cool down. Concentrates are the epitome of cannabis products, and they deserve to be used for their full potential. Proper temperatures can elevate your dabbing experience.

How to Use The Dab Rite

The Dab Rite is set up with the main display and a flexible arm with the infrared temperature sensor on the end. The flexibility allows you to position the sensor in any angle and height because not all bangers look the same. There is also an LED light that acts as a guide for the infrared temperature sensor so you can accurately position it under the banger. It charges with a provided USB-c cable.

There are six symbols on the display. The top row from left to right shows the battery indicator, the light alert indicator, the sound alert indicator, and the LED guide indicator. In the middle of the display is the temperature reading and the bottom of the display is for the type of banger being used (quartz or opaque quartz). 

dab rite guide

There are three buttons on the main console. The bottom button is the “menu” button, and the left and right buttons shift through the options. To set the temperature, click the menu button once. The right button will raise the set temperature and the left button will lower it. The temperature you set is related to the type of concentrate you are dabbing, the size of your dab, and personal preference.

Bigger dabs may benefit from higher temperatures. Lower temperatures may be more flavorful, but you may not vaporize all of the product. Generally, the temperature should be between 450℉ and 550℉ for Ice Water Hash and 530℉ to 600℉ for most everything else. After choosing the temperature, you can decide if you want the display in Fahrenheit or celsius. 

Next is the light indicator, which you can choose on or off. Then the sound indicator can be turned on or off. Finally, the banger type is chosen between quartz and opaque quartz. 

The final step is to position the infrared temperature reader so it can measure the temperature of your banger. You want the sensor about 0.5” to 1.5” away from the bottom of your heated banger. The LED guide light should be at the edge of the banger so that the infrared temperature sensor is in the middle. If the temperature of the banger is below 200℉ the display will show “Low” and temperatures above 800℉ will read “Too Hot”.

Place Dab Rite 0.5 Inches Below Banger

Is The Dab Rite Worth it

When it comes to properly heated dabs, The Dab Rite is the top of the line, the bees knees, the cats pajama, you get it. Dabs, especially high-quality ones, are not cheap. A gram of top of the line hash rosin can run upwards of $100 per gram. If you are someone who dabs often and/or are someone who enjoys high-quality dabs, The Dab Rite is a necessary tool for your setup.

Why bother with the guesswork of timing the cool down or judging the temperature with your palm? Timing the cool down or using your palm, while you may be good at it, will never be as precise as The Dab Rite. This tool will help you get the most out of your dabs. 

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