June 9, 2021

Learn about the Amazing Channel Carb Caps

What is a Channel Carb Cap?

channel carb cap
Channel Carb Cap from Aisle 710

Channel caps are a design of carb cap made of quartz and shaped like a coin with carefully cut slits. The coin is laid flat onto the banger and the slits allow air to flow into the banger, creating a vortex. Carb caps are important to retain the heat inside the banger. Without a cap, the heat will dissipate quickly and you may be left with some unsmoked dabs.

The vortex airflow created by the channel cap will agitate the dab inside the nail, spreading it out so it is in contact with more of the banger walls at once. The increased surface area contact will make your dab vaporize more efficiently. This means you can take dabs at lower temperatures, get all the delicious flavor, and not leave behind any wasteful puddles.

How to use a Channel Carb Cap

channel carb cap on quartz banger
Channel Carb Cap on Quartz Banger

To use your channel cap, first the banger should be heated for about 30 seconds using a butane torch. When the banger is cooled to a proper temperature, place your dab inside the banger, then place the channel carb cap onto the top of the banger. Try to align it so it is centered. This will create the most even air vortex when you begin to smoke the dab. 

When the dab is finished, remove the channel cap and carefully store it somewhere it will not unintentionally move. It is made of quartz and if it falls it could chip or break. The cap may become sticky with residual dabs on it. It is never a dab idea to give the cap a wipe with some isopropyl alcohol to clean it up.

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