April 4, 2022

Learn How to Use a Terp Pen

The Terp Pen XL

the terp pen xl
The Terp Pen XL

Leaning how to use a Terp Pen is pretty simple. The Terp Pen XL is a sleek, discrete, and efficient device for dabs on-the-go. It is simple to use, easy to clean, and packs quite a punch. This article will cover how to use the Terp Pen and its button-less design, how to keep your Terp Pen clean, and what to do if your Terp Pen is not working properly.

How to Use a Terp Pen

How to Use a Terp Pen Video Guide by Aisle 710

how to use a terp pen
How to Use a Terp Pen by Aisle 710

The Terp Pen could not be more simple to use. There is no need for a torch to heat the tip. There are not even any buttons! Simply remove the magnetic cap off the tip of the Terp Pen then begin to inhale. The breath-activated ceramic coil inside will instantaneously heat up to the perfect dabbing temperature. Now, while still inhaling, place the tip of the Terp Pen into your concentrate. Dab complete. It is as easy as that!

The temperature you dab at can be varied by triple-tapping on the Terp Pen near the USB port. The temperatures are as follows:

  • Blue: 3.3V, 698℉ / 370℃
  • Green: 3.7V, 734℉ / 390℃
  • Red: 4.0V, 779℉ / 415℃
terp pen lights
Terp Pen Lights

PRO TIP: Unscrew the very bottom portion of the magnetic cap to reveal a storage space. Use this to store your dabs for easy access!

Terp Pen Cap
Terp Pen Cap

How to Use a Terp Pen: Cleaning the Terp Pen


To clean the Terp Pen, first we need to disassemble it. Remove the magnetic base cap. Unscrew the mouthpiece, the coil, and the outer sleeve by turning them counter-clockwise. What is left is the base which contains the USB port and a potentially sticky battery cylinder.

Terp Pen Pieces
Terp Pen Pieces

Claim the ‘Claim (if you feel like it)

If there is any residual concentrate (reclaim, we call it ‘claim) left on the battery cylinder, you can collect it and save for future consumption. The taste of the reclaim may be harsh and its potency may be diminished. This step is entirely optional.

Soak the Parts

Cleaning Terp Pen
Cleaning Terp Pen

Fill a ziploc bag with some isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Place the magnetic coil cap, storage, mouthpiece, and outer sleeve into the ziplock and let it soak for about 1-2 hours. Then, remove the components from the ziplock and give them a quick rinse with fresh isopropyl alcohol. Finally, let them dry on a paper towel.

Clean the Ceramic Coil

Cleaning Ceramic Coil
Cleaning Ceramic Coil

Dip a cotton swab or paper towel corner into some isopropyl alcohol. Use the swab or towel to gently clean any dab material from the coils. You do not need to use much alcohol. Just a dab will do. Once the residue dab material has been soaked up, let the coil fully dry on a paper towel. 

Clean the Battery

Cleaning Terp Pen Battery
Cleaning Terp Pen Battery

This is just like cleaning the ceramic coil. Wet a cotton swab or paper towel with some isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the battery cylinder of any excess dabs. Also use the wet cotton swab or paper towel to clean the threadings where the ceramic coil would screw in. Leave on a paper towel to let dry.


Once all the components are entirely dry, you can reassemble them. Give the Terp Pen a couple quick puffs to heat the coil to ensure it is functioning properly. Now you are ready to dab again!

How to Use a Terp Pen: Why is my Terp Pen Not Working?

Blinking Light Error Messages

If your Terp Pen is blinking when you go to inhale, it most likely needs to be recharged. Use a Micro-USB cable to charge the pen for about an hour. While it is charging, the light will glow a steady blue. When finished, the link will blink then shut off.

After charging it, if the light still blinks when inhaling, there could be a problem with the coil connection. We suggest following the cleaning steps listed above to thoroughly go through the Terp Pen’s components and fix the faulty connection. 

Terp Pen Error Message Light
Terp Pen Error Message Light

How to Unclog a Terp Pen

If your Terp Pen is hard to pull and you are not inhaling any dab vapor, the coil, mouthpiece, or airway may be clogged with residual dabs. To unclog the device, disassemble it and clean the coil, mouthpiece, and battery cylinder with isopropyl alcohol. The alcohol will dissolve any leftover concentrates that are clogging the pen.

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