American Made Bongs

American Made Bongs

When it comes to glass pipes, American-made glass is by far the best. American-made glass is highly durable, does not stain easily, and provides you with the best overall experience. Using these bongs will help to elevate your smoking experience so you are always enjoying your sesh. Your flower will be proud to be smoked through something as nice as an American-made bong. With proper care and cleaning, these pipes can last a lifetime and always provide you with a clean, fresh, and tasty hit. There is nothing better than a tasty bowl pack, so enjoy it through a quality bong.

More Info on American Made Bongs

There are many varieties of America-made glass bongs. The diffusion and percolation aspects  are different from piece to piece. The height and width also varies. The part where you insert the bowl piece also varies in size. The most common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. It is also important to note if your bong is a male or female so you can use the proper bowl piece. Male bongs have a joint on which a female bowl piece is placed around. Female bongs have a slot in which a male bowl piece can be inserted.

American-made glass is considered high-quality than Chinese-made glass for a number of reasons. Maybe the most obvious difference is the durability and strength of the glass. American glass can withstand more use than Chinese glass. This can be the difference between having a single piece for many years and having to buy several pieces as they keep breaking. Chinese glass is also known to stain more easily than American glass. This means your smoke will not be as clean as it can be. This affects the flavor of your flower as well. Dirty bongs = bad tasting smoke. 

Using your American made bong is really quite simple! All of the bongs purchased through the Aisle 710 store come with the bowl piece needed to properly use your bong. First, fill your bong with water. We suggest using distilled water and not tap as this can help you to avoid any discoloring of the glass. FIll it up just enough so that when you go to take a hit, the water bubbles but does not splash into your mouth. You can take a few test pulls to gauge the proper water level. You will want to at least fully cover the slots that diffuse the smoke. 

Once you have your water level set. Fill your bowl piece with flower. We suggest using ground up flower as this burns more evenly than whole buds. Be sure to remove stems. With the bowl piece packed, place it into the slot or onto the joint stem. Now, take your source of heat (most commonly a lighter) and hover it just above the bowl piece. Place your lips on the mouthpiece to create an airtight seal. Begin to inhale slowly and steadily. Smoke will begin to fill the glass bong. When you are ready to inhale into your lungs, pull the bowl piece out of the bong. This creates an airflow which will send the smoke into your lungs. There is NO NEED TO HOLD IN THE SMOKE. You can exhale immediately. Start with just a small hit to see how it feels before taking larger hits.

It is important to remember that a clean bong is a happy bong. Your smoke will always taste great if you keep your bong clean. Use fresh water every day. Use isopropyl alcohol to deep clean your glass. We suggest doing this pretty often. It is also important to keep the bowl piece clean.

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