American Quartz Bangers

Quartz is the best material to use when dabbing. It holds heat well and allows you to get the most flavor from your concentrates. They are much more durable than glass bangers and have better flavor than titanium bangers.

American Quartz Bangers

When made with American Quartz, they are quite durable and can last you months, even years of consistent use. Cheaper, China-made, bangers will not produce the same flavor from your concentrate when compared to American Quartz Bangers. It is also much more likely they will suffer burn or charred marks early in use. This is known as “chazzing” your banger.

American Quartz Bangers are offered in a variety of stem and bucket sizes (and angles) to fit your exact needs. Take a stroll down Aisle 710 and you will be happy to see we have it all: 10mm stems, 14mm stems, 18mm stems, female and male stems, 25mm buckets, and 31mm buckets. We can even have custom Mayoral Quartz Bangers made just for you! 

There are several styles of Quartz you can choose from as well. The traditional bucket banger offered by Mayoral Quartz is our best seller. The Mayoral Mixer is a new release by Mayoral Quartz and it has been said to be the best functioning dab nail on the market. The base has hand cut slits that move air in a vortex when in use. The long neck makes sure that none of your dab is sucked into the stem. The Blender by DNail has a similar function to the Mayoral Mixer. The slits cut into the base create an air vortex when used so the dab is vaporized on the walls of the nail. 

You can even accessorize your American Quartz Banger with the carb caps and terp pearls offered by Aisle 710. Different carb cap and pearl combinations will change how your banger functions. Channel caps create a vortex and directional caps direct the airflow to where you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dabs?

A dab is the concentrated form of cannabis. It can be extracted from the cannabis plant in a variety of ways. Dabs have a much higher potency than regular cannabis flower. Dabs may be referred to as concentrates or extracts and there are many different types including shatter, wax, crumble, diamond sauce, hash, and rosin.

What is Dabbing?

The act of consuming dabs is called dabbing. Dabbing is accomplished by heating up a dab nail with a high-temperature butane torch. This dab nail is attached to a “dab rig” which is a glass, silicone, or other material pipe that you inhale the dab through. You may recognize these pipes as “bongs”. The dabs are placed into the dab nail and vaporized for you to inhale. 

Which Banger Should I Choose?

To find your perfect dab nail, first you must choose the right style and size nail for your dab rig. If your dab rig has a place for you to insert the stem of the dab nail, then you need a male dab nail. If your dab rig is set so you would place the stem of the dab nail over the dab rig stem, then you need a female dab nail. Next, measure the diameter of the place where the dab nail will go. Common sizes are 10mm and 14mm. Less common are 18mm stems. Now, if the stem on your dab rig is straight up and down, then you need a 90° dab nail. If the dab rig stem is at an angle, you need the 45° dab nail. Finally, decide which bucket size works best for you. Most common is the 25mm bucket. The 31mm bucket is also popular and used for people who take larger size dabs. 

How to Use a Dab Nail

To use your dab nail, first attach it to your dab rig. Next, heat it up evenly with your butane torch. The ideal temperature for dabbing is about 400-600℉. If you do not have a thermometer such as the Dab Rite, you can time the cool down after heating up the nail. Each different brand of banger has a different “cool down time”. Mayoral Quartz bangers hold heat quite well, so a typical cool down is about one minute and 15 seconds (1:15). For the Mayoral Mixer, the cool down is about one minute and 45 seconds (1:45). Be careful not to dab at too high a temperature as this can leave burn marks on your dab nail (known as chazzing).

When your dab nail has reached a proper dabbing temperature, place your dabs into/onto the nail. Quickly place a carb cap onto your dab nail to keep the heat inside and direct airflow. Now, inhale! Be careful not to pull so hard that you draw the dab into the stem of the dab nail. 

How to Clean a Dab Nail

The goal when cleaning your dab nail is to remove any and all leftover dabs so that when you go to heat up your nail again, there is nothing to burn and leave unwanted marks. This can be accomplished with a thorough cleaning with cotton swabs, a soak in isopropyl alcohol, or a combination of both. 

What is the Best Dab Nail?

The best dab nail is one that holds heat long enough to properly vaporize your dab, is durable, and produces the best flavor from your dabs. Mayoral Quartz and Dnail produce the highest quality American Quartz Bangers on the market and we are proud to offer them to you.

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