Carb Caps

Carb Caps

Carb Caps are an essential tool for properly taking dabs. They hold the heat in your quartz banger so you can fully vaporize the dab without having to start at a really high temperature. High temperature dabs destroy valuable terpenes (flavor) and cannabinoids (effects). Carb caps allow you to begin dabbing at a proper temperature (about 400-600°F) and the cap will hold the heat in the range so you can fully vaporize your dab. 

This is accomplished by creating an airtight seal between the carb cap and the quartz banger. A tiny hold in the carb cap restricts airflow so cold air is now flowing in and cooling your banger. You can also control the direction of the airflow with a carb cap. This is useful to spread the dab along the walls of the banger. More surface area means a more evenly vaporized dab. 

There are many different styles of carb caps for you to choose from. Everyone’s set up and preferences are unique, so pick the carb cap that suits you best. This could be a channel cap with slits cut into it to direct airflow in a vortex. It could be a directional carb cap that allows you to control where the air flows. It could also be a marble used on top of the Mayoral Mixer or Dnail blender. Pairing your carb cap with terp pearls can really elevate your dabbing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use a Carb Cap

To properly use your carb cap, first heat up your quartz banger. You never want to heat up the banger with the carb cap already in place as this could cause your cap to fracture. Once the banger is heated up, place the carb cap onto the top opening of the quartz banger to create an airtight seal. Now, once your nail has cooled down to about 400-600°F, you can take your dab!

How to Clean a Carb Cap

Cleaning your carb cap is as easy as giving it a little isopropyl alcohol soak! The 91-99% is best, but 70% will do. Simply soak your carb cap in a container of alcohol for about 30 minutes. Dirtier carb caps may take longer in the soak to be fully cleaned. You can speed up the cleaning process by first microwaving your container of alcohol for 10 seconds before soaking your carb cap. Make sure to use a microwave safe container.

Which Carb Cap is Best

A better question to ask is, “Which carb cap is best FOR ME?”. Everyone has unique dab setups and preferences. First, what type of dab nail do you have? Is it a banger? A mixer? A blender? Bangers are best used with carb caps that can direct airflow such as a channel cap or directional cap. Mixers and Blenders are best used with a marble because the nail already has channels cut to direct airflow. Next, consider how you want the air to flow inside your dab nail. Directional caps allow you to control where the air flows. Channel caps create a vortex inside the nail. 

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