Dabbing Accessories

Dabbing Accessories

Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls are a relatively new dabbing accessory that can really elevate your dabbing experience. When used with a carb cap to direct airflow, terp pearls move around inside your quartz dab nail. This motion spreads out your dab so it is evenly heated and vaporized by the dab nail.

There are many different terp pearls to choose from. The most common size found on the market is 5mm, but you can find other sizes as well. Some choose to use multiple pearls at a time. You may also see different shapes used such as the classic sphere, pill-shaped, rod, or a unique design. Terp pearls can also be made from different materials like glass, quartz, opal, ruby, and sapphire. 

Dab Thermometer

Dab thermometers such as the Dab Rite accurately measure the temperature of your dab nail so you know exactly when is the right time to take your dab. No more of the guessing game when timing a cool down. Just perfect dabs all the time and one of the best dabbing accessories.

The Dab Rite uses an infrared sensor aimed at the base of your dab nail to measure temperature. You can set your desired dabbing temperature and the Dab Rite will beep to let you know when your dab nail has reached that point. Never dab wrong again with the Dab Rite!

Dab Tools

Dab tools (dab utensils) are used to handle your dabs without mess and one of the most essential dabbing accessories. The best dab tool is the one that works best for your needs and preferences. If you are working with more sauce-like dabs, maybe a spoon-shape is best to scoop the dabs. More crumble-like dabs may be best used with a flat tool head. 

If you really want to step up your dab game, check out one of our heady dab tools. These tools not only function incredibly, but they are made with high-end finishes like rubies and opals and mammoth tusk and even gold. 


Butane torches are best used to heat your dab nail. We offer just one type of torch because we feel it is the only torch you will ever need. The Big Shot Blazer butane torch features a precisely-controlled, wind-resistant flame that burns at 2500°F. You can hold the torch in any which direction (up, down, sideways) so you can evenly heat up your dab nail for perfect dabs.


Inserts are placed inside the dab nail before heating it up. Then, once cooled to about 400-600°F (proper dabbing temperatures), you place your dab into the insert. This keeps your dab nail clean while cleanly vaporizing your dab for maximum effects and flavor. Aisle 710 offers silicone carbide (SiC) inserts that are extremely durable.

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