Electric Dab Rigs

Electric Dab Rigs


Electric Dab Rigs (E-Rigs) are battery powered vaporizers that offer ease of use and portability to your dabbing experience. Take these electric dab rigs wherever you go and use them whenever you want. On the go? Not a problem. Outside in the wind? Not an issue! 

Electric Dab Rigs use a ceramic or quartz heating element powered by a battery rather than heated with the traditional butane torch. They offer a clean dab experience without compromising flavor. 

At Aisle 710 you can find two of our favorite E-Rigs available: The PUFFCO Peak Pro & The Terp Pen. Each is made with high-quality, replaceable, and durable parts so you can always be at the top of your dab game. 

The PUFFCO Peak Pro features a sleek cone shape with a glass top that can be filled with water for bubbler action. It is just like your dab rig at home! The dab bowl is ceramic so the flavor of your dab is top notch. It can be heated to four different levels so you can customize your dab experience. Simply hold the button for three seconds to turn it on. Click again to change temperature settings. Double click to warm it up. The light will flash and the device will vibrate when ready. Cleaning up is also easy. Just cotton swab the dab bowl to soak any residuals. The glass top is also interchangeable with other tops so you can make it your own. Each PUFFO Peak Pro comes with a hard carrying case to keep your E-Rig safe and secure when on-the-go. 

The Terp Pen is a perfectly sleek and discreet electric dabber that fits right in your pocket. Take this dab boy with you anywhere you go. Ease of use is so incredibly simple. Just place the heating element end to your dabs and then inhale from the other end. When you start to inhale, the ceramic heating element will begin to vaporize your dabs and viola! No buttons needed. Just perfectly smooth dabs every time. Take dabs as big or as small as you want. It’s your breath controlling it all!

Many wonder, “Is the PUFFCO Peak worth it” or “Is the Terp Pen worth it” and we resoundingly feel that they are. Personally, our whole team uses both of these products and could not be happier with the portability, the ease of use, and the ability to replace parts that may break down over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Turn ON a PUFFCO Peak Pro

To turn on the PUFFCO Peak Pro, simply hold the front button for three seconds.

How to Use a PUFFCO Peak Pro

First, make sure it is charged. If it is not, plug it in using the provided cable. Next, fill the glass top with an appropriate amount of water. You want to just cover the bubbler. Now you can attach the bubbler to the base. 

Turn on the device by holding the front button for three seconds.Choose your temperature setting by single clicking the front button. Blue and green are the lower temperature settings for pleasant tasting dabs. Red and white are higher temperatures for thick clouds. Beginners should start with either blue or green. 

Now you can load the ceramic bowl with your dabs and cap it with the provided cap. Double click the button and the heating element will activate. Wait for the light to flash and the device to vibrate three times then you are good to go! Happy dabbing!

How Do You Use a Terp Pen

If you are wondering how to hit a terp pen, you’ve come to the right place. It is actually very simple. Simply remove the cap covering the heating element then place that end of the Terp Pen onto your dabs. Place the mouthpiece side into your mouth and begin to smoothly inhale. Inhaling will activate the heating element and begin to vaporize your dab.

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