Weed Grinders

Whether you are packing a glass pipe or rolling a joint, it’s always best to grind your buds with a weed grinder. This can help the smoke burn more evenly allowing you to get the most out of your buds. This means better flavor and better effects. Weed grinders can also be used to collect highly potent kief that breaks off of your buds during the grinding process. Treat yourself and your buds right; use a grinder. 

More Info on Weed Grinders

Weed grinders can come in seemingly unlimited sizes and colors and shapes and more. The basic principle is that the grinder uses “teeth” to break your buds up into a finer texture. Some grinders coarsely grind and others produce a much finer grinding. 


You can purchase grinders made from a variety of materials including hard plastic, aluminum, and wood. Some grinders require you to physically operate the grinder to grind the buds and others are operated electronically. Which type of grinder you choose is entirely up to you. 

Many grinders feature multiple chambers. The top chamber is where full buds are placed. The next chamber is where the ground buds are collected. The and next chamber is where keif can fall through the screen at the bottom of the second chamber. Some grinders have just a single chamber. Generally, more chambers means a higher price tag. 

Collecting keif is one of the biggest benefits of using a grinder for your buds. Keif is the powdery substance that falls from your buds as they are handled and ground up. This powder is filled with flavor terpenes and highly potent cannabinoids. You can use keif to top bowls or mix with joints for an extra boost. It is definitely worth collecting keif using a weed grinder. 

Using a grinder is pretty simple. To begin, take a bud about the size of a nickel or less and place it into the teeth of the grinder. Now, cap the grinder with the cap and press down firmly. Begin to twist the cap of the grinder back and forth so the teeth grind up the full bud into a finer powder. If your grinder is a single chamber, simply open the cap and dump the ground bud onto a flat surface. If your grinder has a second chamber, the ground up bud is collected and stored there. If you have yet another chamber, a third chamber, that is where the keif is collected and stored. Keif falls through the screen at the bottom of the second chamber into the third chamber. 

If you are using an electric weed grinder, the process is pretty much the same. Simply place your full bud into the grinding chamber and activate the function. This is usually done with the press of a button or a firm press on the top of the grinder.

Keeping your grinder clean can help it function at its best and to last longer. Through extended use, it is not uncommon for the teeth of a grinder to break. Keeping your grinder clean can prevent this from happening. A clean grinder also produces more keif that you can collect and use. 

To clean your grinder, we suggest clearing it of all keif and buds first. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the best to use for cleaning your grinder. 91% or more is preferred. We do not suggest using other types of cleaners as they may not work as well and could damage your grinder. If you are using an electric grinder, avoid contacting the isopropyl alcohol with any electrical components. You can soak the grinder in a container of isopropyl alcohol for several hours. For faster results, you can heat up the rubbing alcohol in the microwave in a microwave safe container. NEVER heat up rubbing alcohol with an open flame as it is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE.

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