5mm sapphire pearl


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Description: 5mm in diameter, Sapphire COMETS are made from 100% lab grown Sapphire with laser lens quality, the highest standard available for the material. A sapphire COMET provides the cleanest flavor, bringing the elite surface of sapphire to any of our HALO line.

Our new D-NAiL® HALO™ COMETS orbit your dish for a fuller vaporization experience. Increased surface area results in more efficient heating, allowing you to get the most out of your material.

To achieve orbit an angled airflow is necessary and we recommend our D-NAiL® TI Universal Carb Cap or the upcoming D-NAiL® all-quartz HALO Cap.

TO USE: Add the COMET to the dish at room temperature. Then heat the dish and COMET to usage temperature.

DURING USE: Wipe the dish with a dry cotton swab after each use to reduce buildup on the COMET and dish. If the COMET becomes stuck due to residue, gently nudge the sphere with a tool to free it.

AFTER USE: To remove the COMET from dish, allow both to cool completely. Once at room temperature remove the COMET with tweezers OR by tilting the dish to tip the COMET into a safe container.

TO CLEAN: A COMET can be heat-cleaned along with the dish in a high temperature cycle (up to 900°F) to turn the hardened carbon into ash. For cleaning outside the dish, a COMET can be soaked in alcohol.


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