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Heady Swabs are here to keep your banger cleaner than any other cotton swab can! These professionally designed cotton swabs are the headiest cleaning product out there. Your banger has never been cleaner than after a session with Heady Swabs. 

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Heady Swabs original q tips are dual-sided. Each side is engineered to maximize absorption and reach all nooks and crannies of a quartz banger. One side has a pointed cotton tip to reach the edges and corners. The other side has a round ribbed cotton tip to efficiently clean the walls and bottom of the banger. Compared to other cotton swabs, Heady Swabs have extra cotton which means you can soak up more while also using less swabs. 


The stick in between the two organic cotton ends is made with biodegradable bamboo. Take care of your banger while also taking care of the earth. 


Heady Swabs Original q tips come in a hefty 300 count pack so you are set to sesh for a good bit! The 300 count jar of Heady Swabs Originals cost just $7.99. Keeping your banger fresh and clean won’t break the bank. You can also buy 2 packs for $10.99 and 6 packs for $29.99.

To use Heady Swabs, immediately after finishing your dab, use the round ribbed tip to soak up any leftover dab material inside the banger. Rub along the sides and the bottom of the banger. Now, use the pointed tip to reach into the edges along the bottom of the banger. This side is perfect to soak up any leftovers in hard-to-reach places.

We then suggest grabbing a 2nd Heady Swab to finish the cleanup. If you can, dip the rounded ribbed tip into a small amount of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Go over the entirety of the inside of the banger with the alcohol-soaked tip. Finally, use the pointed tip to soak up whatever is left. Do not forget to clean the stem as well! Now your banger should be perfectly clean and ready to go.

It is very important to keep your banger clean. Heady Swabs are the best tool out there to help you do that. A clean banger will hold heat for longer so you are able to fully vaporize the entire dab without starting at a high temperature. Low temperature dabs are ideal because they retain the best flavor from your dab.

The tradeoff of low temperature dabs is that you are in danger of not fully vaporizing your dab. This is why heat retention in your quartz banger is so important. If your banger holds heat for longer, you will be able to fully vaporize your dab at a comfortable temperature.

Clean bangers hold heat better and make your dabs taste better. Do yourself a favor and use Heady Swabs original to keep your banger fresh and clean. 

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1 300-Count Pack, 2 300-Count Packs, 6 300-Count packs


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