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Heady Swabs Slurper Swabs are here to keep your slurper or mixer or blender clean and fresh so it can always perform like the day you brought it home. Heady Swabs Slurper Swabs are professionally and specifically engineered for cleaning quartz slurpers and mixers. Slurpers and mixers are not as easy to clean as traditional quartz bangers, but Slurper Swabs do just the trick! 


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Slurper Swabs are made of a biodegradable stick and half of it is covered with a thick layer of super-absorbent organic cotton. This design is specifically engineered so you can reach deep into the pockets of slurper-type nails where the most concentrate tends to build up. 

Heady Swabs Slurper Swabs are offered in packs of 30. A single pack costs just $4.99. Two packs of 30 cost $8.99. Ten packs of 30 (300 total Slurper Swabs) costs $34.99.

A single Heady Swab Slurper Swab can be used multiple times over many dabs. They each have so much available cotton to soak up leftover concentrates that it is unlikely you will completely dirty the Slurper Swab with a single dab cleanup. This means savings for you!

To use Heady Swabs Slurper Swabs, immediately after your dab, use the cotton end to soak up any leftover concentrate. Work up and down the walls of the slurper as well as the deep edges and pockets. Do not forget to clean the stem as well!

Keeping your slurper clean is incredibly important. Clean bangers hold heat better and make your dabs taste better. Ideally, you should take dabs at lower temperatures to preserve the flavor of the terpenes. Some choose to dab at higher temperatures to make sure they vaporize the whole dab and do not waste any. A fresh and clean slurper should be able to hold heat long enough that you can both fully vaporize your dab and start the dab at a low temperature to preserve flavor. Do yourself and your banger a favor and keep it clean after EVERY dab. 

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1 30-Count Pack, 2 30-Count Packs, 10 30-Count Packs


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