Mystic Timber Double Dabber



Mystic Timber Double Dabber



Building out from our signature oval vents (which increase surface area around our tips) is the 20 mm flat blade, tapered to shed concentrate quick and clean. The unique sharp-round blade tip is ideal for cutting slabs or sheets. The round corner is the perfect tool for scraping those good terps handily from the bottom ring of the jar and resembles the rounded edge of a butterknife – lending to this tip’s nickname “BuddaBlade.



The Scoop is great for dealing with all consistencies, particularly diamonds and sauce. The Scoop is perfect for diving into Sauce Jars, and the wide foundation of the scoop’s Grade 2 Titanium terp trough will catch-and-carry all that sweet, sweet nectar. Watch as a full scoop heats up evenly when the flat back is pushed up against the interior wall of a banger, and sheds the entire load at once like a sheet of snow sliding off of a roof.



The pic tip is great for picking up crumble or resin crystals, cutting with the tip, dabbing little globs of rosin, or pieces of shatter.



The G2 Titanium Flat Long  Handle Dabber tip on the other end of our ergonomically designed dual wield handle fits the hand like a luxury writing tool and make short work of most forms of concentrate, particularly waxes and resin.


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Additional information


Blade & Pic, Blade & Scoop, Scoop & Flat

Type of Wood

Maple, Padauk, Purple Heart, Walnut, Wenge, Zebra Wood


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