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Wakit Grinders have made grinding your buds even easier and more efficient. Simply with the press of your fingers, you can quickly grind up your buds into a perfect form. Wakit Grinder’s use a ball-and-chain system to grind your buds. There are two chains lined with five balls each inside the grinder chamber. The chains are attached to an axle that will spin very fast, allowing the balls to break up your buds. All of this, just with the press of your fingers onto the top of the grinder. Electric weed grinders like the Wakit Grinder  are your best friend. 


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Wakit Grinders come in a variety of colors like green, black, clear, and with fun patterns. You can choose the one that you vibe with the most! The bottom chamber of the grinder is always clear so you can see the action go down. Go from full buds to freshly ground flower in less than a second. Each grinder is also lit up when functioning by LED lights so you can always see your work station with clarity. 


Each grinder is powered by a lithium battery which lasts a good while. When you do need to charge it, you simply can with a micro-USB charging cable. There is a charging port on the body of the grinder. The WakIt Grinder charges very quickly as well. Once it is plugged into a USB port, it only needs 45 minutes to be fully charged. The LED light on the Wakit Grinder will turn green from the "dead" red color.


To use Wakit Grinders, first place your full bud onto a flat surface like a tray or piece of paper. You can also just use your tabletop but make sure it is clean. Use a bud about the size of a nickel so that the ball and chain arms can properly rotate. Anything larger than a nickel may not allow the grinder to properly function. The Wakit Grinder does not have a collection chamber for the ground up buds after using so the flower will be on whatever surface you use it on.


Place the open end of the grinder over the bud and make sure the bottom of the grinder is fully flush with the flat surface so that no ground up buds can escape. Now, take your fingers and firmly press down onto the top of the grinder. This will cause the ball and chain arms to rapidly rotate and break up your buds. For a more coarse texture, use 1 or 2 quick bursts. For a more fine texture, use 3 bursts. Wait a second for the arms to stop to rotating before lifting up the grinder to collect your ground up buds. 


Cleaning your Wakit Grinder is pretty easy as well! Simply use a cloth and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe down the inside of the grinding chamber. Before wiping down the inside, you may want to collect the material that has built up inside. This is the kief and it is filled with trichomes. Sprinkle a bit onto bowls for an extra boosted bowl pack. 


Never put a body part inside the grinding chamber. This can cause serious injury. If the chain were to rotate, you could be quite uncomfortable. This product is only meant for dried herbs. Hard shelled items like coffee beans can cause serious damage to the grinder. This grinder is not meant for commercial use. Never wash the grinder in a dishwasher or submerge it in water. This will ruin the electrical components. Never dismantle the grinder or subject it to extreme heat above 250 Fahrenheit. 

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